How to make fsx load faster

. Thought some of you might be interested in a discovery I made today on loading times for FSX from a cold boot to the 'Free Flight' screen. when i mean streaming i mean how the game loads new parts of the game world, since the maps on flight sim are large I too used Nick's guidlines to set up FSX and the SSD, so unless I missed something I don't think that it was all drive related. ^_^ ***Thanks*** How To Get More FPS On FSX . \" in front I have FSX acceleration and i am running Windows 8. com/youtube?q=how+to+make+fsx+load+faster&v=7KudbRB0COs Apr 30, 2014 any flight Sims like flight gear or xplane 10 also flight simulator x flight sims need a really fast CPU! not just the graphics card! SUBSCRIBE!!! download r A way to speed up FSX loading from a cold boot - MS FSX | FSX-SE www. com/youtube?q=how+to+make+fsx+load+faster&v=2MXA0waF07A Aug 4, 2011 This is For medium end graphics cards . 1 on a HP laptop (My specs in the picture) and when I start the game all textures load in fine and the big add-on airports work It seems the ground textures load in faster and in more detail quickly (thank you) but the buildings and trees still load in slow. 9, 16 gb of ram and fsx works very smooth and im happy with it,but i would like to know if there is anything to do for it to load faster. How may refer to: How (greeting), a greeting in some representations of Native American/First Nations speech; How, an interrogative word in English grammar These downloads have been made compatible with the latest 64bit version of Prepared and remain compatible with FSX and FSX:SE. December 2015 "Let the 'Wings of Love' touch your Heart" Microsoft Flight Simulator began as a set of articles on computer graphics, written by Bruce Artwick throughout 1976, about flight simulation using 3-D graphics. com/youtube?q=how+to+make+fsx+load+faster&v=EtHLoLPZEw4 Jul 3, 2011 Hello viewers! this is the another vdo of How to male FSX faster on HIGH SETTINGS. I, however, have several hundred GB of scenery data that won't begin to fit on the SSD so I have it still Hi I have a i7 930 overclocked to 3. FSX. I hope u'd like it! And plx subscribe. Have you tried startiing FSX after a 'clean boot'? Does that give consistent faster loading times? These are just ideas. 5 Jul 2015 Plan 'B' - get an SSD drive for FSX - defrags not needed and ultra fast! What i dont get is that my boxed fsx with a truck load of 3rd party scenery and other stuff loads quick but steam-fxr takes over 5 minutes. ask. When authors of textures/aircraft convert their project to be used in FSX, they usually "just make the paint job" show in FSX. avsim. ENHANCED - SATA AS: IDE Do not use AHCI! Have you tried startiing FSX after a 'clean boot'? Does that give consistent faster loading times? These are just ideas. HD - YouTube www. I rece but modified it with the new locations of all my scenery folders outside of the FSX main folder. Is anyone else having this problem in slow loading times? I was amazed at how fast the default FSX loaded compared to my gradually bloating FS9. 29 Dec 2015 Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition. Dec 29, 2015 @ 5:08am. The CPU is using about a 3 % while loading fsx and it takes 5 minutes. This change has mostly solved this If you are not using SSD, go into your BIOS BEFORE you INSTALL WINDOWS and make sure the SATA CONFIGURATION is set to. Nil illegitimum carborundum est. All Discussions Some computers load it faster than others. AN SSD is basically a Storage drive like a HArd drive but it has no moving parts and loads faster. PeterH. #6 Ill bet some of your scenery terrain textures (FSX\scenery\world\texture) dont have mip-maps. They don't Feb 14, 2017 To reduce this cause of the blurries, the ACES team reworked how Flight Simulator's scheduler prioritizes background tasks in FSX. Also see my guide to aircraft carriers in Flight Simulator. FSX SP2; i7 2600K, OC The message title says it all. December 201 6. Now much more CPU time is devoted to loading scenery data, including terrain textures, at the expense of somewhat lower frame rates. #3. I recently upgraded to an SSD for my OS (Windows 7) and FSX. I'm After doing more testing after turning off Active Sky 2012 I was able to load a recording, but it was full of graphical errors so it wasn't of any use. Aircraft carrier in default scenery. For earlier sims please look further OpusFSI Flight Simulator Interface for FSX and Prepar3D . I'm looking for a graphics card that will give me the best performance for FSX, while staying within my budget of around $300. 16 Nis 20114 Ağu 2011Tired of waiting 10 minutes for FSX to load after having a fatal error? This will give us much faster initial loading times, and unless you fly the same aircraft from the same destination at the same time every day, this will not effect your Always make a backup of your FSX. cfg file when making any changesWhen I start up FSX it takes a VERY LONG time to load, like it seems 2-3 minutes before the splash screen goes away and the main screen is displayed. There is at least three kind of carriers in the default scenery OpusFSI Flight Simulator Interface for FSX and Prepar3D LJ24B Private Jet for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D by Lionheart Creations Ltd. And Get Faster Loading - YouTube www. Your's might just take a while. Check the CPU and RAM usage in Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del) under the Performance tab while loading Flight Sim to see if either are being pushed to 100%. Apr 16, 2011 The main thing that makes fsx slower is "LIGHTS BLOOM" How to make FSX Faster on High Settings. Thanks Soontobepilot55. Roy Chaffin's -LATEST NEWS. Since I have the Embraer package my load also takes 4 seconds more, I guess FSX SE is validating the DLC folder during this time period. The question is why if there is not any other program runing and the cpu is not Also what is an 'ssd' and how do I stream a ssd to FSX? mauller07 Aug 3, 2013, 4:28 AM. This was very easy to do, just needed to add a ". how to make fsx run faster - YouTube www. com/forums/topic/473422-a-way-to-speed-up-fsx-loading-from-a-cold-bootHi All: Thought some of you might be interested in a discovery I made today on loading times for FSX from a cold boot to the 'Free Flight' screen